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⇒ “I am a college graduate with a Degree in Science.  I was; however, unable to get a job that would support me, and pay off my school loans.  While working at what I considered a dead-end job, I took night courses at Elite Welder Training & Testing.  After passing my welder qualification tests, I took a job at a local generating station as a maintenance welder, and felt more than prepared to handle the tasks at hand.   I now earn a great living. Special thanks to my instructors. ”   

 Rob D.

⇒ “I was working as a general laborer in refineries for five years, and going nowhere. I couldn’t help but notice the respect and consideration the pipe welders were getting. I asked one of the welders where he learned to weld, and he said at “Elite Welder Training.” Two weeks later, I enrolled at Elite. Today, I’m proud to be a pipe welder, and my pay has tripled. Recently, I went out of town to a refinery in Ohio for a 60-day turn-around. I worked 7 days a week, 10 hours a day, and grossed $30,240 plus per diem (not bad for a guy who was a laborer less than 2 years ago! “

Jim P

“I Was pushing shopping carts in a supermarket parking lot and could not pay my bills. My uncle told me about Elite and said that I should try out welding because there are not enough welders out there. He was a welder in the ship-building industry before he retired, and said the shortage of welders was so severe, that companies had to hire welders from other countries. (Norway, Philippines, Ireland.) My uncle helped me by co-signing for a loan so that I could complete the full pipe welding course. After graduating, I got a job with good pay and great benefits.”

Vinnie P

⇒ “Eight years ago, I had been accepted into the New Jersey State Police Academy, but due to circumstances beyond my control, my application was denied at the last minute. I had to make a career change, but needed to make good money and get benefits because I was getting married, and starting a family. My brother-in-law could get me into a union, but I needed to know how to weld. I enrolled at Elite Welder Training, and after 12 weeks of intensive training, I passed my ASME Section IX Pipe Test, and was accepted into the Boilermakers’ Union. Three years later, I became a Welding Supervisor. Two years after that, I became an AWS/Certified Welding Inspector. Today, I’m an East Coast Regional Manager working for a multi-national company earning six figures.”

Nathan M







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856 693 6573


223 Democrat Rd. Mickleton NJ 08056

856 693 6573